Anonymous said: okay i follow i lot of beatles blogs so your blog was recommended to me and the recommended post was a bunch of anon hate i literally have no idea who you are but no one deserves hate. yeah sorry just a random stranger saying i dont know you but ur probably pretty great ok bye sorry

Oh great glad to know that the recommended posts were the anon hate posts

Anyway thank you very much for the kind words. I do appreciate it 💚💚

Anonymous said: You suck

Dick? No sorry we haven’t done that yet but we did hug the other night

Anonymous said: I love you & your blog so much omg. We Lennon lovers need to stick together! :) It pisses me off how people never call out the rest of the Beatles, they just dwell on John. Sorry, mini rant over. :) ily!

I do too. And some people have an argument against that too but some people have an argument for everything. The fact of the matter is that John is called out way more often and harshly than the other three, even though they’ve all basically done the same bad shit. But the fact that John was honest about his fuck ups is where this came from. The other three weren’t as public about it.

And look I don’t want any hate about any of the boys floating around. I just want to blog about four of my favorite people in peace while enjoying their music. Yes you have to acknowledge their mistakes and YES you can’t defend them for terrible things they did but oh my god I just want to listen to the music. It’s possible to really love someone and talk about the good things they did as well as know about the bad things they did and not excuse them for it and that is really all I’ve ever done.

Anonymous said: Don't care about these people Mary you are one of the greatest fans ever!<3

Oh I don’t know about that but thank you <3

Anonymous said: If I could, I'd take you under my protection and slap those people that are rude to you. You don't deserve this.

:’) <3

Anonymous said: you are seriously gorgeous, you have a very high beauty. dont listen to the [blue] meanies

This made me giggle <3

You’re very sweet, thank you :’)

Anonymous said: I love you

And I love you <3

Anonymous said: i don't know if you'll see this, but i just wanted to say good job to you for leaving this website! you're right, this website is full of judgmental people who can't respect anyone else's opinion. you are a very beautiful and intelligent girl, you will make it far in the real world!

Thank you very much for this!

Anonymous said: Hi Mary! I just saw all that mean stuff that was being sent to you and I just want you to know none of it is true! You're a wonderful person and beautiful, you really do look like Pattie Boyd! You have the right to have your own opinion about John so don't let the hate get to you. I hope you have a wonderful day and keep your chin up! ❤

Thank you very much :’)

Anonymous said: I care about you, please don't delete your blog. I'll miss you dearly!

I will never delete but I won’t blog regularly!

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Anonymous said: Woowwwww at first I didn't get why you were leaving tumblr but now I do like ur getting so much shit for defending the truth about someone you admire keep doing so no matter what anyone tells u you are so fab

Mmmm yeah thank you for understanding!

Anonymous said: The way youre handling this shit anon is so badass btw

Mmmm :) Thank you

I also dismantled a guy who was skinny shaming in the grocery store today like damn.

Like usually I’m one of those people who is like “lol skinny shaming in a whole is dumb because the skinny people are the ones who are glorified and people who aren’t skinny are made to feel like absolute shit” but this guy was making a girl feel bad for her weight so I was straight up like “no”