My Grandparents in Love by bekahjan on Flickr

My Grandparents in Love by bekahjan on Flickr

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Fleetwood Mac

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Fleetwood Mac

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Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love

Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1970)

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My kind of comedy

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Anonymous said: its still woman beating at the end of the day, even though years ago people didn't think it bad as they do nowa days, hitting or slapping a woman is STILL abuse. just cus its john lennon dont need to offend him. hes just a human being at the end of the day like the rest of us

I don’t think I’ve offended Lennon yet actually.

It is physical abuse. Plain and simple. I don’t know how many times I have to say that I didn’t say it WASN’T abuse, or that I didn’t defend him for doing that. John was insecure, jealous, and immature and people do bad things when they’re like that. I have, and I’m pretty sure every single person on this site has. That’s not defending him, that’s making a truthful point. Notice not at any point did I ever say, “Oh well he didn’t mean it!” “Oh, he was just upset and he reacted badly it wasn’t his fault :(“. It sucks that he was like that when he was younger but well a lot of things suck don’t they.

I don’t “defend” John, all I do is try to bring truth into these arguments. When people say he was a wife beater, that is simply untrue. That would make it constant. That’s all I want to do here. I don’t want to make John into an angel just as much as I don’t want people to make him into a devil.

Hi guys I just wanted to make a quick post because some people seem to have gotten the wrong idea from that other stupid post and I wanted to set things straight.

I was not justifying any sort of physical/domestic abuse and I was not saying that a slap to the face is not abuse. I was trying to make a point about John not being a wife beater but I was angry when I typed up my response and at first it apparently sounds as if I meant that a slap is not real physical abuse. Later on in my argument I do in fact say that I would never defend that slap and never have. What I was saying is that the type of physical abuse that is wife beating  is not what John inflicted on Cynthia. That would have made it constant. This was one isolated incident and was completely wrong of him and I have always been glad that Cyn left him for three months and taught him a lesson. I have said that numerous times on my blog and I have never defended him for that, and I hope that my followers know that.

I would also like to say that I myself have never justified any of Johns fuck ups, all I have ever done is try to insert the truth into stories. I don’t like it when people are blamed for things they did not do this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I have always made it clear when John was in the wrong and I’ve never tried to defend him for those things.

That being said, me saying that he did not regularly physically abuse Cynthia, Yoko, Julian, and Sean is not defending him or justifying his actions it is telling the truth. If John actually did I would never try to make it seem as if he did not. That would not make me a real fan. The emotional abuse was there as well, as he couldn’t always be there for Julian and Cynthia in the 60s because of Beatle obligations and of course there was cheating, and I’m sorry but I do leave that out because it leads into “they all cheated” and strays from the original point I’m making here. No one ever said that because he apologized it made things okay. But he did try with Julian, and though not regularly, he did keep in touch with Cynthia (very sparingly, and through mail). And trying made it better, not okay.

I just want you to know that I never have, nor will I ever, defend physical/domestic abuse. And I’m sorry but I did cry a little when I saw that people thought that because my family has a history of it and to think that someone would think that I was defending it made me feel really terrible.

I hope I cleared things up.

Goodbye <3

kawaiidildo said: please don't delete I love your blog 😪

I will never delete this blog I just won’t be on it full time.

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Anonymous said: do you think maybe you're letting people win by leaving tumblr? I mean I'm really annoyed with the same people I think you are but I just don't give them the time of day. bitches will be bitches and if you try to change them you just end up hurt and frustrated

No, because I’m not leaving because of any specific person. If there was one blog giving me such a hard time that I thought the only option was to leave, then I’d be letting someone win.

I’m leaving tumblr because the environment itself is too much for me. I’ve tried unfollowing people, I’ve tried only reblogging band shit, I’ve tried a lot of things. But this website as a whole stresses me out and I don’t think I’ll be able to blog full time again until everything calms down.

Like you’re totally right in that bitches will be bitches and that it’s good to just ignore them, but I’m the kind of person who just can’t ignore stuff like that.

Anonymous said: Omg I'll miss you a lot! I hope that people stop being shitty and spreading fake bullshit about John ASAP so maybe one day you might come back

I hope for that as well but really I’m leaving tumblr because it’s just not good for me!

I might come back in the fall but I don’t know for sure!

Anonymous said: Is it true that you're permanently leaving tumblr?

For now that’s my plan. It’s not even the constant John hate anymore, it’s the fact that the people in this fandom and on tumblr in general can be real pricks. I’m not talking about anyone specifically and I’m not saying that everyone is like that, because I have met some beautiful people on this website. But in The Beatles fandom there’s a lot of hateful attitudes and I can’t take it, it’s very unhealthy for me to stay on this website any longer. There’s always fighting no matter what and it’s sort of depressing. I know all fandoms have fights but tumblr is poison in itself so. People are too sensitive here, turn everything into things they shouldn’t be, and make false accusations. A lot of posts on this website aren’t even true and do not have credible sources or any sources at all and people still believe them. And again I’m not just talking about any hate for John I’m talking about everything.

I also have my senior year of high school coming up and well, I want to work without checking tumblr every five seconds. What sucks is that I created this blog to get my music out there and instead people just ended up liking my photos and not my songs. And I got a pretty decent following but now I have to leave because if I stay I’ll go insane.

It may be temporary and it may not, I’m not entirely sure. If things calm down in the fandom I might come back but if not I’m probably just going to answer messages and that’s it. Maybe a few anons but mostly messages from friends.

It’s been a wonderful ride with you all and I’m sorry I have to leave.

I love you all 💚💚💚💚


(PS sorry for typos I’m on my phone)

Anonymous said: do the world a favor and delete your blog, id say grow up but thats impossible

Lol “grow up” you say as you click anon

I know who this is too like that’s the best part